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Clean and tidy living room

Carpet and rug cleaning

Your carpets and rugs can quickly become dirty, particularly if you have pets or children. A Helping Hand clean carpets thoroughly, through dry, wet and steam cleaning.

 •  Dust removal

 •  Restores vibrant colours

 •  Odour removal

 •  Carpet mite eradication

 •  Removes allergens

 •  Make old carpets look as good as new

 •  Create a beautiful feature in your living room

The advantages of carpet cleaning

Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? Dust and carpet mites trapped within your carpet's fibres can aggravate these conditions.


Vacuuming can leave these dangers in place, but our carpet cleaning solution eradicates them. We use cleaning products that are safe for use around pets and children.

Keeping allergies in check

Pillows on a bed that has recently been made

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Interior of a tidy living room