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Freshly cleaned curtains

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Do you want powerful cleaning without the use of chemicals? Steam cleaning from A Helping Hand uses water alone, yet provides a deep clean that's hard to beat.

 •  Carpets and hard floors

 •  Rugs

 •  Curtain cleaning

 •  Sofas

 •  Armchairs

 •  Cushion covers and bed linen

 •  Car seats

Fantastic power for:

Steam is superbly effective at cleaning a huge variety of surfaces, from sensitive fabrics in curtains and upholstery, to glass, metal and wood.


It can even be used for limescale removal on taps, and kitchen and bathroom tiles. We use high quality steam cleaning equipment for amazing results.

The versatility of steam

Close up of a carpet cleaner

For superb value steam cleaning, call

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Interior of a clean car